I’m currently a post-doc in James Martin’s Game Animal and Managed Ecosystems (GAME) lab at the University of Georgia. I collaborate with James and state and federal agencies to design, implement, and synthesize broad-scale research on the influence of private and public land management on wildlife populations. I got my PhD in the GAME lab also, where I studied the landscape-scale effects of the Kentucky Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program on Northern Bobwhite and associated grassland bird populations.

My goal is to use principles of landscape ecology, wildlife management, and decision science to help resource managers and practitioners reduce uncertainties about the systems they work in. When appropriate, my end goal is to create interactive tools that prioritize management actions and facilitate learning over time.

I was born in Lexington and was raised just down the road in Paris, KY. I attended Eastern Kentucky University for my BS and MS degrees, then worked for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources as a wildlife biologist in the Research Program for about a year and half. In 2015, my wife and I made the trek down south and did my PhD in Athens, GA, where we live now with our dog Basil.

I’ve created this site to share research and photos, and I hope you find something interesting! You can contact me at yeisjohn@gmail.com or @JMYeiser.